Laptop Motherboard Repair

Our quality Low Cost laptop repairs services give rise to an immense business opportunity for your business, we are the backbone of laptop motherboards repair shop and resellers providing laptop services throughout the Miami, chip level or component Level repairs means diagnosing and fixing faults down to IC and component level, hence providing the lowest cost of repairs possible of any laptop computers, all our computer technicians are extensively trained by OEM manufacturers with big brands such as IBM, DELL, HP/COMPAQ, SONY, TOSHIBA and ACER, we specialize in repairing faulty laptops & motherboards down to component level and we offer a repair service not just for Miami but for the entire Miami DADE, we also offer a laptop screen replacement service and stock a variety of spare parts. We have extensive experience in fixing broken laptops and repairing faults, both common and obscure, from all manufacturers from PCs to Macs.

If your laptop have a broken DC power jack them Computer Repair Miami is a foremost laptop repair company specializing in repair and replacement of broken and malfunctioning laptop DC Power jacks and sockets, we offer a full range of perfect laptop repair services designed to cater for customer’s everyday needs at reasonable prices, if you need to find a particular power connector, you’ve come to the right place, we are the best source for all types of laptop DC power jacks and provide our consumers with expert laptop repair, PC computer repair, Internet and network solutions, call us today for your entire DC power port repair also known as DC power input jack repair, DC power connector repair or DC power jack repair.Our responsive Customer Service Representatives are here to help you determine the quickest and most affordable repair solution, we keep you informed throughout the repair process, if the motherboard ends up being bad then that means that the entire motherboard needs to be replaced. At this point, depending on the laptop, the repair could cost $250, usually we recommend our customers to consider if it is even worth to fix the PC or Mac anymore or just to buy a new one. If you choose to continue with the repair then we will order the appropriate motherboard, replace it, and your machine will be good to go.

Computer Repair Miami to grow and to service our customers, unlike most of the laptop and computer repair centers, we have the necessary tools in stock to troubleshoot and the extra experience to analyze any laptop problem accurately and quickly, an experienced, skilled technician will do all of the work on your laptop. Computer repair miami can repair loose sockets, sockets with broken centre pins, even DC jacks that have completely snapped off. Since we have dedicated technicians who only work on fixing DC Power jacks on laptop computers we also provide the fastest turnaround times in and around Miami, we only use high quality new DC jacks for all our replacement services and we can fix just about any laptop DC power jack problem in a proficient manner.Computer repair miami is about getting you back up to full speed with a properly functioning laptop. Our factory trained technicians can diagnose and repair all issues on any make or model.

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  1. Anthea Ellen says:

    I love your website look great and your post are appropriately for learning how to repair a broken or error motherboard can be a delicate process that demands following particular processes and procedures. Otherwise, carried out incorrectly, sloppy or haphazard function will harm nearby circuits, which can cause mysterious glitches to occur later on. You unquestionably don’t choose to be taking possibilities with poor workmanship around the most crucial component of your personal computer, before you decide to get started tearing factors apart, make sure you may have at the very least one good backup of all of your crucial information. You needn’t worry about backing up Windows and applications though you need to, if doable, back up the configuration details for your mail client, browser, and so on simply because unless you happen to be replacing an old motherboard with an identical new motherboard, you might want to reinstall Windows and all applications from scratch.

  2. Candice Banca says:

    Everyone should really make an effort to fix your laptop or computer motherboard issues by first check the motherboard jumper settings, reset the CPU, take the CPU out and reinsert it, making sure it seats properly, attempt yet another CPU if possible, at this point, we just want a beep, it is unlikely that the CPU is poor, but if an additional 1 is handy, try that to see if a beep is heard and if none of your above produce a beep, we have hit a wall, there is little else to attempt and the board may actually be DOA.

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