Our technicians use the latest virus detection and virus scanning software to find the cause of the computer problems while executing a thorough examination of your computers system uncover hidden threats. Some are more troublesome than others but with our virus removal services the damage to your computer can be minimized.
Our technicians have the background and skills to help you deliver the perfect IT solution for your home or business. We can deliver results with Hardware Custom Built Systems that meet your needs perfectly.
Sometimes when things go wrong, we want to figure them out ourselves. Don’t let pride get the better of you, call us for all your PC Troubleshooting. We’re not just IT guys, we love explaining your issues and making sure you don’t have them again.
We don’t just repair, we educate and inform so you can better use and maintain your computer when we are not around to save the day. We can help you with basic computer skills, Microsoft Office suite, such as Excel, Word and Outlook. Our technicians are completely up to date on the newest skills and education, so you can be assured that when you call for help, we will always know what to do.
In this environment of exponential growth it can sometimes be hard to find your feet. The good news is we’re here to help. You don’t need to know about browser display protocols, decommissioned coding languages, Google algorithms or security patches to minimize MySQL injection attacks.
The motherboard is the connection point for all the other devices in the computer. It has ports for nearly everything more than you probably use. Because everything relies on the motherboard, it is the last thing you want to fail. It can become one of the more difficult repairs depending on part availability and compatibility.


We are able to fix all PC Desktop makes and models, money is tight in this current economic climate so we keep our charges reasonable with our $50 Flat-Rate, we service home office and small business computers in the area of Miami, so your problem, no matter how small or troublesome is important to us. If your computer has problems booting up, a virus, won't switch on, has blue or black screen errors, or is just really slow or noisy fans, we repair these problems quickly, and most important we come to you to fix all of your computer problems.


If you are dealing with a computer crash or data loss, these problems can spell disaster for your home or business, we understand the value of your data and the importance of a quick and secure recovery, our services include failed hard disk drives in laptops and desktops, we know that you can’t afford to lose your vital home personal or business data and will make every effort to quickly get your business up and running again.


We can do motherboard repairs on virtually any type of desktop computer, many problems can be related to your system board also known as the heart and brains of your computer, replacing a system board is an expensive, the motherboard on your laptop is a big circuit board consisting of thousands of micro chips, capacitors and resistors, our technicians are experts in electronics and system board component repair. We performs component level repairs on these circuit boards at prices much lower than the cost to replace the board itself, our motherboard repair services come standard with a full 30 day warranty.