We understand how important your mac is to you and your job or business. We offer a High level Mac repair and our mac repair service is available to the public and trade organizations of all sizes all over Miami. We are a 100% USA owned company with our office in Miami, FL.
We specialize in providing Apple Mac data recovery services to recover data from faulty or damaged hard drives. If you have accidentally deleted data from your Apple Mac Pro then we can help to recover the data from your drive.
We know that the most common repairs in all Apple computers are hard drive replacements, screen replacements and startup issues like instead of seeing the Finder or the login window after startup, your computer may stop responding and the display may only show a persistent gray screen.
Apple Mac laptop keyboards are very sensitive to spillages or humidity. When the machine comes in contact with liquid, oxidation sets in very rapidly. Once this is in progress, damage to the keyboard is irreversible. If some of your keys no longer work, or your Apple mac trackpad has stopped responding, come to us for a fast repair.
Mac Logic boards are always repaired first and in some cases replaced. We repair majority of logic boards, we understand that replacement logic boards are expensive so a warrantied repair can make a huge difference to repairing your Mac.
Screens can be easily cracked and damaged with the slightest pressure and as MacBooks are very fragile the screens is the most vulnerable part. We are the cheapest price for MacBook screen replacements and very certain we won't be beaten on price.
We offer all type of Mac Repairs and before collecting your Mac, we will call you with a detailed cost of the repair. On receipt of the Mac we will call to confirm our quote to you. If you use our services you will like our quotes!

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We provide on-site services, repairs, upgrades, installation and maintenance to Macintosh computers in your home or office. Whether you need a new computer set up or repair an existing Mac for small to medium size organizations, a maintenance contract can be an effective way of minimizing machine downtime, improving reliability, adding capabilities at a steady pace, and generally ensuring your organization gets the best performance from your computer system. Our friendly technicians are expert in Apple repairs that cover all Mac repairs. Either you have a software or hardware problem our technicians provide a guaranteed fix of your Mac.

Mac Services we provide:
  • OSX, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard installation.
  • Install Windows 7, 8 on Mac using boot camp or parallels.
  • Mac Startup problems
  • Mac keyboard is freezing.
  • MacBook Pro freezes or overheating Problems
  • Reformat Mac, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook pro, iBook and MacBook Air.
  • Water or liquid spilled
  • Mac data transfer, Backup & Recovery
  • Password reset or help for Mac desktop
  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems
  • Macbook Pro & Macbook Air screen repair or replacement
  • Printer Configuration & connection
  • DVD stocked in mac drive or drive replacement
  • Power connector broken-DC Jack Repair

Reasons to choose our Mac Repair Services:
  • Repair Guarantee: Once we repair your Mac we provide 30 days of guarantee.
  • No Fix No Cost: After the problem inspection we provide a Quote to Customers that means if we cannot fix your Mac problem, we won’t charge you.
  • 7 Days a Week: We are available 365 days a year. Call us and make an appointment, either we come to you or you can bring your Mac to our shop.