We offer a quick and efficient repair service for all laptop issues. We carry an extensive selection of spare parts which means we can repair most damages within 24 hours. Based at our Miami workshop, our team of highly experienced electronic engineers, provide a fast, reliable and cost effective laptop repair alternative to the original equipment manufacturer.

Arrange for our drivers to come and collect your computer today and discover the fast, efficient and free way to repair your laptop in Miami.

We carry out free quick estimates for customers. We can complete an quick estimate for you and this also ensures that we are working to an accurate and recognized standard. This enables us to combine our vast experience in laptop repair using a database system to accurately repair times. Simply call us to obtain an immediate indication of costs.

We can repair or replace any laptop screen. Get a free no obligation quote by our screen experts today and most screen repairs complete within one day. We use high quality laptop screen replacements at the absolute best price in Miami Guaranteed!

About 90% of all computers are victims of a virus attack each year & that is about 507 million computers. Let us take the stress out of Virus & Spyware removal with us you get first class Virus and Spyware removal services in Miami. We also supplies you with the latest antivirus and updates.

We can help you with all laptop issues in the comfort of your home and we can even give you computer lessons. Our Technicians can also provide any and all software or hardware that you may need or want at competitive retail prices.

We offer an unequalled service whereby we can provide custom built I.T. equipment, to suit your individual Office needs, but without custom prices. We guarantee to have some of the most competitive prices on the Miami market for all our I.T. equipment, including PCs and Mac.


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We are based in the heart of Miami and we are fast becoming the most popular Laptop Repair in Miami. We have over ten years experience in dealing with computers & electronics, and we can repair almost any fault you may encounter with your laptop. We guarantee for up to 30 Days!

Any problem with your laptop - think of us. We do NOT charge for initial assessment, but can fully diagnose most problems in less than 15 minutes and we offer repairs for numerous different faults that are well known in this laptops. Our dedicated team of professionals will repair your device back to its original state within 14 to 48 hours.

  • System Install
  • Data Recovery
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • Powering on & Off repair
  • Power Jack Repair
  • Over Heating Repair
  • Hard Drive Repair
  • Keyboard Repair
  • Linux OS Install
  • CPU fan repair


We also do custom built or gaming machines. We can even upgrade computers to make it work more efficiently. Our technicians are well capable of resolving most of software problem like virus removal, spyware removal, wifi problems or internet problems, usb dongle not working, blue screen errors or laptop freezing or overheating and keyboard repair or keyboard replacement. We can fix all these issue locally in our laptop repair shop and because we’ve been around for so long, our reputation is unparalleled. Our staff possess a level of technical knowledge and experience that allows us to give you total quality, jargon-free customer care & independent sales advice. The range of assistance we can offer you is vast, from simple virus removal, all the way up to complex IT server consultancy.


We know how we all rely on our laptop to be there, fully functional and with our precious data on board. Sometimes laptop break beyond repair and we buy a new laptop and start from the scratch, setting up and trying to retrieve the emails, photos, documents etc. We can help you seamlessly move from one laptop to another and can also source the new laptop with next day delivery and have the backup ready when it comes in to minimize the time when you have no working laptop.